2001 - 2010 Master Plan

50 Years of Service

"The development of this Master Plan occurs as the Sunrise Recreation and Park District celebrates 50 years of providing parks, recreation facilities, programs and  community services. The District has been an important part of residents lives since 1950, when it was first established to oversee the original 15-acre park site donated by Fred and Julia Rusch.

The District has grown along with the communities it serves, and today manages over 420 acres in 38 park sites and offers more than 500 annual recreation  programs.  Throughout its history, the District has worked in close partnership with the local communities to understand residents recreation needs and to provide appropriate programs and facilities. This 10-year Master  Plan is part of the Districts long-standing commitment to regularly review resources and direction, and to make sure that the District continues to be a viable and effective community resource."

The above text is an excerpt from the District's 2000-2010 Master Plan.  The complete text can be viewed by clicking on the box below.

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