Sunrise Recreation and Park District is in the process of  updating its 10 Year Master Plan. The Master Plan will provide direction on the future growth of the Parks System.

What is the Master Plan?
The Master Plan is intended to provide the District with a  comprehensive view of the District's park and recreation resources and to develop a practical program for financing the acquisition, development and operation of a sound park and recreation system for a ten-year period from 2001 through the year 2010.

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How can I make a difference?
Fill out a survey online at the district website, or talk to a district representative. Make your opinions known! You're participation is important to creating a Park  System that will meet all of the Community's needs.

For more information please contact Jim Migliore at 782-1011 or [email protected]


To view the Draft master plan you need Adobe Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here. After you  download the Acrobat Reader file, you must install it on your machine.

To download the Draft Master Plan click the following: _master_plan.pdf

If you have any questions, call Jim Migliore at  916.782.7011 or [email protected]

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