E-Mail Address

Terry Jewell

District Administrator

Lisa Rudloff

Recreation and Community Services Superintendent

Lee Hollingworth

Office manager

Barry Ross

Recreation Manager II/ Adult Sports and Leisure Enrichment Programs

Carol Huskison

Finance Manager

Chris Miller

Recreation Manager II/ After School Programs/Teen Special Events/Leisure Enrichment Programs

Connie Kirchner

Recreation Manager II/ Day Care and Preschool Programs

Jacqueline Coker

Customer Service Representative

Jennifer West

Day Care Director/
Oak Hill Day Care

Margaret Williams

Day Care Director/
Antelope Meadows Day Care

Marty Buell

Recreation Manager II/ Aquatics and Special Interest Classes

Noe Villa

Parks & Facilities Superintendent

Norma VanDeVort

Account Clerk

Park Maintenance


Rebecca Ward

Day Care Director/ Olive Grove Day Care & Barrett Day Care

Sharon Forester

Customer Service Specialist

Sharon O’Guinn

Account Clerk

Todd Gordon

Recreation Manager II/ Youth Sports/ Youth Camps and Clinics

Virgil Anderson

Management Analyst